Bacterial Vaginosis Herbal Treatments – Home Remedies That Work!

September 18, 2009

If you are interested in a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis and the embarrassing odor that occurs, please do not attempt to use perfume or any other scented beauty product. The types of products mentioned tend to contain alcohol, which can be effective at killing the bad bacteria, but it kills the good bacteria present as well; this can result in a worsened condition.

There are various bacterial vaginosis herbal treatments that can be applied, to lessen or stop vaginal odor naturally, and this includes wearing clothes that are made of 100% cotton, so that the skin of the vagina can breath, and will not sweat so much.

Due to the condition of BV, regularly washing the vagina to clear any excess fluids that can leak is a healthy way of treatment. The unattractive smell might be caused by this fluid, so remember that this is just merely your body’s natural defense system at work removing any harmful bacteria. Rinsing the vaginal area with clean water is one of the best natural cures for bacterial vaginosis as it reduces the odor while the harmful bacterium and fluid are washed away.

Vinegar has had many medicinal uses, every so often add vinegar to some salt and water and apply it to the areas affected by Vaginal Bacteriosis it can be very helpful. The vinegar and saltwater treatment is ideal for many and can hide the odor and destroy the bad bacteria and bringing this irritating and embarrassing condition ultimately to an end.


Home Remedies for Vaginal Odor- Quick Ways To Eliminate Fishy Vaginal Odor From Home

September 18, 2009

If you are interested in some home remedies for vaginal odor and the embarrassing odor that occurs, please do not attempt to use perfume or any other scented beauty product. Perfumes and deodorants are chock-full of alcohol, and the application of such leads to the destruction of good bacteria and the worsening of the condition.

Also referred to as vaginal bacteriosis or BV, herbal treatments for bacterial vaginosis include wearing 100% cotton panties and clothing to prevent vaginal skin from excessive sweating by enabling it to “breathe.”

You also may notice the fluid that appears in the vaginal area increasing due to BV, make sure you clean the area thoroughly with a clean wet rag. Although these fluids may contribute immensely to the undesirable odor resulting from BV, bear in mind that it is merely the after effects of the natural defense system’s attempt to eliminate harmful bacteria from your body. Intermittent bathing of the vagina, using pure water, is plausibly one of the most effective natural remedies for VB, since it results in relentlessly dismissing the odor initiated by the bacteria.

You can also use a mixture of vinegar and salt, diluted in water, to clean the area regularly, which is a very effective home remedy for eliminating vaginal odor. In addition to masking the displeasing odor to a great extent, it will also aid in the destruction of the harmful bacteria and serve as a treatment for this annoying condition.

Effective Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

September 17, 2009

Don’t just mask the odor caused by bacterial vaginosis by spraying it with perfume or some other cosmetic; get yourself some home remedies for bacterial vaginosis to actually treat the condition. For the most part, these cosmetics have alcohol in them, which will actually make your condition worse by killing off the good bacterium as well, which is no solution at all.

Bacterial vaginosis, also known as vaginal bacteriosis or BV, can be prevented easily with some home remedies. The risk of odor that occurs from BV can be reduced by wearing 100% cotton clothing, allowing the vaginal area to breath and avoid excessive sweating.

Additionally, BV can be prevented and treated by washing the vagina with luke warm water, cleaning the area and associated fluids that are caused by the condition. The discharge may have an odor, but it is important to remember that your body is expelling the bacteria as it is dangerous to your body and this is all part of your body’s defense system. In fact, one of the most effective tips on how to get rid of fishy vaginal odor involves washing yourself with clean water, thereby flushing out the small fluids containing the bad bacterium.

You can also use a mixture of vinegar and salt, diluted in water, to clean the area regularly, which is a very effective home remedy for curing vaginal bacteriosis. This will serve two purposes: masking the unpleasant smell associated with BV, as well as killing the harmful bacteria that help cause this unfortunate condition, helping to cure it!

Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Cures

August 22, 2009

Finding effective bacterial vaginosis natural cures that will help you cure BV can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating thing to do. Especially when you’re not sure what to do. So, what I’m going to do is share with you some effective bacterial vaginosis natural cures.

This way, you will be able to permanently get rid of BV.

The natural cures that you can use are:

1. The first thing you can use to cure BV is yogurt. This is one of the best home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. You can use yogurt in a few different ways. The first way is to eat a few cups of it a day. The second way is to insert some plain yogurt into your vagina. You can do this using a tampon.

2. Another bacterial vaginosis natural cure is to use garlic paste. To use the garlic paste, rub some of it around your vaginal area. Leave it on for twenty minutes and then wash it off with warm water. The garlic will help you fight off the bad bacteria that cause BV.

3. The third way to get rid of bacterial vaginosis is to pour apple cider vinegar and soak in it. The vinegar will help get rid of the fishy smell that’s associated with BV and help you cure vaginosis. To use the vinegar, pour a few cups of it into your bath water and soak in it for 20 minutes.

These are some of the natural cures for bacterial vaginosis that you can use to eliminate your BV problem.